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Strapi Design System

What is Strapi Design System ?

It's an open-source Design System for plugins, products, and digital experiences. This design system consists of design principles and guidelines, created from our design vision, components, design tools and resources, and a vibrant community of contributors. Strapi Design System replaces the old Buffet.js library.

What is a Design System?

A design system is a collection of pre-built, reusable assets like components, patterns that allows its users to build consistent digital experiences faster. By using the pre-built and universal assets of the Design System, the time teams spend designing and building is greatly reduced and users can invest time on high value missions instead of repetitive tasks.

Design System is open-source

Design System is funded and built by Strapi, which means that the primary reason that we built it is to meet the company’s business needs, but we’ve made it open source for anyone to use and contribute back to.

Our approach

Make it consistent for everyone and anyone

The Design System we provide gives the opportunity to anyone to use or anticipate his use of Strapi by providing the right amount of information (documentation, design, code, ...)

Data informs design

Data is our side kick, we are data informed but not data-driven all the time.

Make the default settings smart

Every new feature we do should be easy to understand by default. The default setting should be adaptative, easy-to-use, smart, and efficient for any usecase. And offering plenty of ways to customize any feature.